HGL Sample Menu

The following is a sample menu only. Karma and Crow will change it's dishes regularly with the seasons and additionally make changes to suit the current climate.

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Confit garlic toast, pecorino
Fresh homemade ricotta, local olive oil, basil, salt 
Roasted fennel salad, spinach, raddichio, chèvre, roast almond
Salt and vinegar chat potatoes
Green beans + broccoli in garlic butter

Smoked eggplant, sugo, olives, chilli
Pesto, burnt broccoli, pine nuts, chèvre, sage, chilli
Blue cheese, pecan, sage butter
Exotic mushrooms, black garlic cream, salt bush, fried enoki 
Roasted Kohlrabi, fried kale, chèvre, macadamia, garlic butter
Sugo, buffalo mozzarella, njuda, gremolata
Pork and fennel sausage, brussels, garlic lemon butter, chilli oil, fennel, fresh pecorino
Lamb shoulder, garlic, white wine cream, dill, parsley 
Butter, nutmeg, pecorino 
Kids gnocchi tomato, basil, pecorino

Rotating progressive wine selection, cocktails, wild ales and non-alc options. All by SA producers.