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Our Story.. 

Remember that sweet, sweet year of 2019 when we were none-the-wiser?  Back when we were on track in our working trajectories, soaking up our social lives, planning our futures? You know, the time before the C-wording C-word made certain things feel uncertain? We were definitely feeling excited - we had just done the biggest deal of our lives! We had gone ahead and signed on for, not one, but TWO new businesses at the same time. Both for 25 years each with no bloody worries mates (well.. no end of world-y worries anyways).

Wahoo! Wouldn't ya know it, we managed to secure a bunch of finance against Karma and Crow and it was on! We engaged Studio Gram to design the fit-out and we were laughin'. Ah sure, a risk, but come on, nothin' we can't handle. 

WOAH NOW! You can't whut? "Did you say you 'nothin' you can't handle?" We sure did. I know... The audacity!.  Turns out we weren't entirely prepared for a pandemic, no builders, losing our core team, starting again, paying back hefty loans with no other income streams, a 2 year delay in works (while paying back loans), a 70 percent increase in building materials, a shortage of building materials, increases in wages across the board, an increase in produce and a collective dive in mental health and rise in social and covid anxiety across the community.

Our spirits are in tact but our bank account.. oh no no. ohhhhh no. And so we are in a little bit of what we call "Le holyshitwhatthefuckingheck" face twitch mess of a situation. We have exhausted all options available to us to help us stay afloat in Karma financially and to continue to service our loans throughout this mess, we have had to borrow more money. 

So, the more the project is delayed, the more money we lose. Really, we need to sign a building contract now before they take another job. We have 'value managed' the fit-out to the best of our ability and heyoooo, we are still short roughly 600k. With a 25 year contract in place, we are very aware that to break a contract now and service the exisiting loans through Karma alone, would break us.

We are calling on our community to help us BUT not without reward. If we move forward with the contract this week, we will be able to open both venues in March (pending additional finance or investment). So we thought, well.. what if people buy a beer online? What if for every beer you buy now, you get to claim double that amount when we are open? That way we get the upfront support to open and when we open, you get double the amount of fun.

If you are keen to buy a future beer or a future round to help us, please add some beers to your cart.

Thanks for the shout! We will get you back.