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About Karma

Karma and Crow, named after its original owners, Janie Kammer and Alanna Crowe, was established in September in 2016. The idea was born when Janie and Alanna, who had over 15 years of hospitality experience between them, were working together in a small cafe in Adelaide where they both began to dream up what they considered would be the perfect cafe vibe. They travelled to Melbourne together and visited every cafe they could and couldn’t help but notice that Adelaide was missing out on something really special. Over 12 months, they set out to create Adelaide’s first warehouse-turned-cafe. 

The concept was to offer Adelaide a spacious, light and airy place to dine that was unpretentious in its service but offered some pretty bloody fancy food. Quality food and coffee was always at the height of importance to the owners, as well as creating a place that supports local and can sustain environmentally friendly practices where possible.

In December 2017, Alanna left the business to pursue humanitarian work. Since then, Karma and Crow has undergone many changes. A gift shop was a welcome addition to Karma and Crow’s offerings as well as Attaboy, a hairdressing salon, which sits at the front of the building, an area that used to house offices. There is also an indoor house plant shop within Karma and Crow called Little Pricks. While the dedicated gift shop has now gone, Little Pricks has an assortment of unique gifts as well as a range of indoor plants.

The ethos, however, remains the same. The cafe prides itself on its seasonal menu, which often features classic breakfasts with a fresh new perspective and twist. Using locally grown produce and ethically sourced meats, Janie and head chef, John Paltridge, collaborate four times a year to produce a beautiful and inclusive menu that is considerate of modern dietary requirements, personal ethics and most importantly, flavour. Karma and Crow uses Degroot blend and Monastery single origin for coffee. There is also an assortment of locally made cold pressed juices and beverages from Mischief Brew and Squatters run available on tap. 

Inclusivity is an important part of the Karma and Crow customer experience too. Our staff participate in meetings in which they are educated about social issues, and policies are in place to make sure all customers are protected and treated equally. Our building is accessible for patrons with wheelchairs, we have allocated disabled parking and our menus feature an ethos statement written by owner Janie Kammer which outlines our policies against discrimination in all areas. 

Moving forward, Janie Kammer has a few spectacular projects lined up, only a couple of which we are able to share with the public just now. Coming soon to Brooklyn Park is Stupid Bloody Tuesday, a wine bar and vego restaurant which will champion locally made and natural wines and vegetarian meals that are not intimidating for people who have trouble letting go of meat. Stupid Bloody Tuesday will have a similar service and ethos to Karma and Crow. Customers will experience quality table service and can expect to be offered tastes of South Australia’s best and progressive wines. The idea is to invite all sorts of people into wine culture. Discovering a new art can be intimidating, so we plan to take the discomfort out of a new experience and share the magic of the wine world with everyone. Staff will be well educated about the wines on offer and will be able to offer their knowledge to customers about each wine and help pair the perfect wine for their chosen meal. 

Sound amazing? Well hold onto your seats, cause there’s more! Adjacent to Stupid Bloody Tuesday will be Sonic Yoni, an impressive new brewery and tasting room. There, customers will be able to enjoy an interactive experience with their waiter where they can learn about each beer, how it is processed and sample the Sonic Yoni beers. You can chill out for a while, soak up the ambience and watch the brewers work their magic. Expect a casual and fun experience here. Don’t worry, if you’re not a beer fan, there’ll be other delicious beverages on offer too. The space will be grand and gorgeous and lend itself to large events such as weddings and engagement parties.