Karma Sample Menu

Karma and Crow

The following is a sample menu only. Karma and Crow will change it's dishes regularly with the seasons and additionally make changes to suit the current climate.

Toast, accoutrements
Fruit toast, cinnamon butter
Eggs, toast, pickle
Bacon and egg sandwich, spinach, raddichio, chilli tomato relish

Corned beef, chipotle hollandaise, potato rosti, sauerkraut, dill pickle, egg
Poached eggs, toast, peppers, tomato, bacon, avocado, chèvre, dukkah
Mac and cheese toasty, pancetta butter, black pepper, cornichon
Buttermilk fried chicken burger, wasabi mayo, herb salad
Tacos, pulled chicken, pineapple hot sauce, pickled veg
Kimchi pancake, pork belly, pickled veg

Mushroom dumplings, chilli, soy dressing
Wild mushroom omelette, tofu, pickled onions, parmesan, hemp dukkah, dill
Burnt broccoli, baba ganoush, turmeric sourdough, currants, za'atar

Nasi Goreng, wild rice, tofu, fried egg, chilli crisp
Chilli scramble eggs, snake bean, herb salad, jalapēno, kiwi fruit hot sauce
Gnocchi, black garlic cream, wild mushroom, salt bush

Banana bread, orange ricotta, maple walnut, cinnamon butter
Lemon ricotta hotcakes, strawberry medley, berry labneh, honeycomb butter, maple

Hotcakes, honeycomb butter, ice cream, maple
Fried egg, bacon, toast

Coffee by Monastery
Alcohol and non-alcohol by SA producers