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Yellow Matter

A microbrewery and all around great hang out designed by award-winning architectural designers, Studio Gram, the Western suburb of Brooklyn Park welcomes a new watering hole to Marion Road, just a two minute drive from Karma and Crow and housed in the old council depot building. The brewery (580sqm) sits adjacent to the restaurant, So Long, Marianne, with a giant window for people watching. 

 The bevs are brewed by Tristan Barlow, former head brewer of Bodriggy Brewing Company in Melbourne. Offering wood-fired, vegetarian pizza and small plates as well as an extensive wine list and non-alc list (including non-alc beer).

Yellow Matter is an inclusive and welcoming space for all people, we also happen to have incredible beers. We will be hosting events and weddings in 2023 and aim to empower women and gender diverse folks in a male dominated industry. 

So Long, Marianne
Adjacent to Yellow Matter and divided only by a driveway, sits So Long, Marianne. A bar out the front and restaurant out the back. The restaurant features a rotating chef selection menu with paired wines. A vegetarian offering that champions produce in an unexpected way, you will be surprised. Literally, there is no menu. You will be asked about your dietary requirements only before we deliver a series of dishes to delight the senses. You may choose to have paired wines or, feel free to grab a bottle from the cellar! The front bar, which includes a DJ booth, will also offer a small bar menu of tasting plates, comprised of the waste products from the restaurants offering. Of course, this menu will be innovative and carefully curated. So long, Marianne will host intimate wine tasting events with local wine-makers and private gatherings. We are so excited to create a welcoming and next level experience for the Western suburbs. 

Why do we need support? 

This is a very long and detailed story. To cut it short, we signed our lease at the end of 2019 for 25 years. We borrowed all of our finance against Karma and Crow and Covid-19 reaped havoc on the world. The project halted entirely, our application for development was with the council for the best part of year. Construction was off and Karma and Crow took a massive financial hit. We also had to start paying back this hefty loan. So our loan was running down, we were trying to survive the financial crisis and then…. Inflation. The project cost literally doubled. We cut out everything we could, we borrowed more money but we are still short for completion. Now Karma and Crow is buckling under the pressure of these loans. We wanted to create a way for the community to help support but also to give something back when we open. We thought, what better way than to give back bevvies! (non-alc included). Our goal is to raise $200,000 and we have about a month to do it. Every little bit helps! 

Crowd Funding - Kickstarter 

You can support our projects by backing our Kickstarter for So Long, Marianne. It is our goal to reach $30,000 by the  27th of April. 

We thank you so much for your support and we look forward to serving you liquid gold in APRIL 2023!

Janie and the team


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